Welcome to Embroidery's Artists!

We are a highly experienced team of designers, illustrators and artists who carry out a wide range of embroidery projects from their first ideas or sketches to their full digital realization that are then applied industrially in textile production.

The inspiration and passion for what we do have led us to become acquainted with a whole of range styles. We aim at the highest standard in order to help you give an answer to the quality requirements of the market as fast as possible.

We have decided new sales sections, resulting from the widening of our product range.

This is our challenge. We feel grateful for your having accompanied us during our development and growth. When buying one of our products, you will have full access to more than a format without any additional cost.

We kindly invite you to surf the Website and have a look at the special order section, in which you will be able to make customized orders based on exclusive themes and styles.

Thank you for joining us!


Art Directors

Adrián Ramirez

Artist and Graphic Designer. He has a wide experience in the development of clipart for embroidery.

He has also taken part in graphic design projects and worked as an illustrator for Argentine and international publishing companies.

Adrián Ramirez

Illustrator and Graphic Designer.

She is highly experienced in the textile and clothing industries, textile production, graphic design and image.

Guest Artists

Adrián Ramirez

Illustrator and draftman. He holds a teaching degree in Visual Arts.

In 2008, he won the Ibero-American Digital Illustration Awards.

He is now taking his first steps in the publishing market, offering an innovative fusion of the expressive plasticity of the traditional draft and the potentiality of the digital tools.

Adrián Ramirez

She has joined our staff as from 2011.

She is a worldwide renown illustrator specialized in illustration for children's books.

Other Collaborators